About Us

Hand made

Established in 2008, Alouette Design began as a desire by jeweller Kate Wilson to hand make gifts for those close to her. From semi precious stone and pearl beading, she then moved forward into Silversmithing utilising mainly sterling silver and started making one off, very personal Hand Made pieces. 

Her mantra is that "anything is possible" when collaborating with the customer to make the perfect piece that speaks to them. 

Specialising in personalised jewellery, Alouette is honoured to be entrusted to make these very personal, special jewellery for all occasions. 



Alouette works closely with the customer to ensure that all aspects of the jewellery be just what is requested. 

Alouette can source specific stones, themes, charms, mix colours and metals to the clients satisfaction. 

All jewellery is a one off. No two pieces are ever exactly the same. 

This ensures the Personalised Jewellery to be a very special Keepsake.


Personal Experience

Alouette is committed to ensure the all aspects of the customers requests fulfilled. It is a personal journey between the Jeweller and the client. Collaboration is key to ensuring the piece is exactly what the customer wants. 

"Alouette Design...precious stones...timeless creations."